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Prānāyāma, the Art of Observing the Breath and Quieting the Mind

No series or workshop is currently scheduled. 

Iyengar Yoga St. Pete | 6480 Central Avenue, St. Pete, FL 33707 | 727-914-3015

Directions | Video from "Effort & Surrender" Workshop


This series will introduce you to the art of breathing skillfully and
with awareness in order to facilitate relaxation and renewed vitality of body and mind.  This limb of Yoga is called

In each class you will practice simple postures (asanas) which allow the body to relax and prepare for conditioned breathing.  As the body relaxes and opens, the breath moves more freely.  The mind is gently guided inward to become aware of how and where the breath is moving.  As you practice various ways of breathing, your mind becomes deeply focused and quiet.  The end result is a profound sense of well-being and renewed clarity. 


Please understand that, since each class builds upon the previous one, you must register for the series. Drop-ins are only allowed with Peentz's permission. Come for the Wednesday asana class 6 - 7:30 pm and stay for this Prānāyāma class! 


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