Windhorse Retreats 2021

Connecting with our essential nature to look beyond ourselves and extend ourselves to others stimulates an incredibly potent life force in us.  That's Windhorse.

I am currently unable to offer
Windhorse Retreats for 2021.

It is my great hope and desire to be able to welcome all of you to Windhorse Yoga Retreats in the beauty of the Green Mountains of Vermont once again in Summer, 2022!!


Despite my profound disappointment in not being able to live and teach in Vermont this summer (2021) due to the Coronavirus, I am so grateful for the technology that has supported us as we continue to study and learn together via virtual platforms.  As we live this path of yoga, we learn how to adapt and adjust to the present conditions of life.  Joining together in community helps to support each one of us as we navigate these challenging times.  

I look forward to meeting in person next summer!  Stay tuned for updates as conditions change.



with deep respect and love,