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How To Register for Classes at Iyengar Yoga St. Pete

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Peentz recommends that you come to the same class weekly so that she can form a student/teacher relationship with you on a regular basis.  That helps you learn.  You can register for a series or time period, and use your Pass at many IY-SP classes.  

  1. ATTEND A CLASS and Peentz will help you register, or

  2. Visit the Iyengar Yoga St. Pete Website at the link below. 

  3. Scroll down to learn about your purchasing options.

  4. Navigate through the calendar to find the class you want to attend.

  5. Click "BOOK NOW"

  6. Follow the instructions to sign in or create an account and register. 

  7. Questions?  Email <> or phone 727-914-3015


Iyengar Yoga St. Pete | 6480 Central Avenue, St. Pete, FL 33707 | 727-914-3015

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